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Equipment Exhibition

In my company, " better-to-oriented " create their own mold brand - very beneficial! The introduction of international advanced level of production equipment, more than a decade constantly updated technology, and constantly improve the management, developed into a powerful enterprises with modern management concepts, modern mode of production, the introduction of international advanced CAD / CAE / CAM technology, with CAD / CAM workstations, plotters, a network system design, transmission and processing of information, ensure efficient data transfer and high-precision engineering, but also uses a C-mold software plastic flow analysis to ensure optimal design and manufacture, so the initial realization of CAD / CAE / CAM integration technology, the use of surface reverse engineering software system designed to quickly adapt to domestic and foreign customers. For my company's product quality to provide a reliable guarantee.

Computer Aided Design
That is the use of computer-aided design and computer graphics equipment to help designers design work
(Computer Aided Manufacturing)
That computer-aided manufacturing, the core of computer numerical control (CNC for short), is used in the manufacturing process of the computer process or system.
(Computer Aided Engineering)
Is analyzed by solving complex computer-aided engineering and product structural strength, stiffness, buckling stability, dynamic response, heat conduction A mechanical properties of three-dimensional multi-body contact, and so on elastoplastic analysis and calculation and optimization design of the structure of performance issues such as the approximate value method.
Process Solution Packages
US Advanced CAE Technology, Inc. (Referred to as AC company) to provide high-tech products. The software is in today's computer-aided design in the field of injection molding of the most successful works. Use the software can be completed before the mold predicted injection pressure, clamping force, the flow of molten material in the cavity, including speed, temperature, pressure, shear stress distribution and weld marks, bubbles and charred position . For molecular orientation, warpage and deformation of the plastic products may cause defects to be known in advance. According to the information obtained to modify the design to produce high-quality, high-precision plastic parts. Also shorten the production cycle, improve the success rate of a test mode, improve labor productivity.
Reverse engineering of software systems
Reverse design process refers to the physical sample of the product designer to digitize the surface (data collection, data processing), can be achieved by using the reverse three-dimensional design software to reconstruct the kind of three-dimensional CAD model (surface model reconstruction), and further implemented by CAD / CAE / CAM systems analysis, re-engineering, CNC programming, CNC machining process. Product Design positive general design process: Concept Design → CAD / CAM systems → → new product manufacturing systems. The general process of reverse design: Product samples → → data acquisition data processing CAD / CAE / CAM system model reconstruction → → → new product manufacturing system. Reverse starting point for the design, low cost, short cycle, easily modified, easy innovation and other characteristics.

Italy breton
Five Axis 4000X2500mm

Axis   5 5 5
X-axis travel Mm 800 1.150 1.450
Y-axis travel Mm 900 1.000 1.500
Z-axis travel Mm 600 700 900
Diameter turntable Mm 700 1.000 1.200
Maximum turning diameter Mm 800 1.000 1.200
X / Y axis moves quickly m/min 60 60 60
Z-axis rapid traverse m/min 40 40 40
A-axis rotating shaft   -300÷1100 -300÷1200 1300
C-axis rotation   连续 连续 连续
A-axis rapid rotation Rpm 50 30 30
C-axis rapid rotation Rpm 100 60 60
Axis milling / milling spindle powerS6(40%)/S1 Kw 40/40 or 54/40 or 55/40 85/74.6 or 54/40 or 40/40 85/74.6 or 54/40 or 40/40
Milling shaft torqueS6(40%)/S1 Nm 137/100 or 70/51 or 22/16 480/300 or 70/51 or 137/100 480/300 or 70/51 or 137/100
Milling shaft speed Rpm 18.000 or 28.000 or 40.000 14000 or 28000 or 18000 14.000 or 28.000 or 18.000
Axle / shaft powerS6(40%)S1 Kw 40/30 30/30 30/30
Axle torqueS6(40%)/S1 Nm 1.525/1.000 2.700/2.000 2.700/2.000
Axle speedS6(40%)/S1 Rpm 1.000/800 500/400 500/400
Din 69893-1-Axis milling tool taper   HSK-63A HSK-63A o HSK-100A HSK-63A O HSK-100A
Maximum turning tool taper   Capto C6 Capto C8 Capto C8

Three Axle 2500x2000mm

model 5AX-1000 5AX-1600 5AX-1600B 5AX-2000 5AX-2000B
Controller Siemens, Heidenhain 3D axis interlocking controller
X, Y-axis travel 1000 x 1000mm 1600 x 1200mm 1600 x 1600mm 2000 x 1200mm 2000 x 1600mm
Z-axis travel 600mm 600mm 600mm 600mm 600mm
B-axis travel ± 110° ± 110° ± 110° ± 110° ± 110°
C-axis travel ± 225° ± 225° ± 225° ± 225° ± 225°
Maximum spindle rotation 20,000RPM 20,000RPM 20,000RPM 20,000RPM 20,000RPM
Spindle motor 24 KW 24 KW 24 KW 24 KW 24 KW
Spindle taper HSK A-63 HSK A-63 HSK A-63 HSK A-63 HSK A-63
Number of tool automatic tool changer 16 16 16 16 16

Taiwan High Speed Milling AV1612
Three Axis 1600x1200mm

Mechanical properties

1. Providing high-speed cutting and German leaders DEPO synchronization of technical support.
2. Best Application: medium-sized automobile mold, large toy molds, automotive electronics, lights, medium and large plastic mold.
3. Table size 1800 x 1300 mm, high rigidity, resistant to pressure. Precision scratched the surface treatment.
4. With high-power / high torque of the spindle HSK-A63 29Kw, 69Nm / HSK-A80 25 Kw, 170Nm / HSK-A100 32Kw, 300Nm meet the processing requirements of high efficiency milling.
5. Triaxial mounting large high rigidity precision linear slides, precision assembly, sliding lightweight, high-speed operation can fully reflect the responsiveness of the motor axis.
6. X-axis with a ball screw ψ large size of 80 mm, can fully load large mold machining at high speed transmission requirements.
7. Torque-limiting coupling triaxial configuration, security of torque limiting, transmission security.

X-axis (left and right spindle) 1600mm
Y-axis (table before and after) 1200mm
Z-axis (the vertical axis) 700mm
Spindle nose to table 100-800mm 120-820mm
XYZ-axis drive Safety torque limiting coupling
size 1800 x 1300mm
T-slot (slot number x width x distance) 18 x 9 x 187.5 mm
Maximum load (evenly distributed) 4000 Kgs
Spindle (Built-in)
Spindle speed HSK-A63 24,000 r.p.m. / HSK-A80 14,000 r.p.m / HSK-A100 14000 r.p.m or 8,000 r.p.m
motor HSK-A63, 29 Kw / HSK-A80, 25 Kw /HSK-A100, 32 Kw
End Hole Inclination HSK-A63 / HSK-A80 /HSK-A100
Spindle water cooling Coherent body, constant temperature±1°C
Feed rate
Cutting feed 21,000 mm/min
X.Y.Z axis rapid traverse 21,000 mm/min (0%, 30%, 50%, 100%)
Precision Machine
positioning accuracy/Y/Z) 0.004 mm International standard ISO230-2
Repeatability(X/Y/Z) 0.002 mm International standard ISO230-2
Automatic Tool Changer (cam disc)
Maximum tool diameter HSK-A63:Ø 35 / HSK-A80:Ø 52 / HSK-A100:Ø 66
Maximum tool length 220 mm / 280mm
Maximum tool weight 7kg / 12kg
Number knife HSK-A63, 20 Knife / HSK-A80 ,16 Knife/HSKA100,16 Knife
Automatic Tool Changer (Chain) applies
HSK-A100 : 8000 r.p.m /14,000 r.p.m
Maximum tool diameter Ø 66
Maximum tool length 330 mm
Maximum tool weight 12 kg
Number knife HSK-A100, 30 knife / HSK-A100, 60 knife
Air pressure source
Pressure / supply 6 kg/c㎡ / 500 l /min
power supply
total capacity 71 KVA
cool down
Pump 0.58 Kw x 2
Cooling tank capacity 314 L
Mechanical specifications
A63 x 20 Knife / A80 x 16 Knife / A100 x 16 Knife
Mechanical Dimensions (L x W x H) 4,936 x 3,464 x 3,610 mm
Machine weight 17,000 kg
A80 x 16 Knife / A100 x 16 Knife ( 中央給水 )
Mechanical Dimensions (L x W x H) 4,936 x 4,373 x 3,610 mm
Machine weight 17,200 kg
A100 x 30刀
Mechanical Dimensions (L x W x H) 4,936 x 3,812 x 3,610 mm
Machine weight 19,400 kg
A100 x 100 Knife (central effluent)
Mechanical Dimensions (L x W x H) 4,936 x 4,721 x 3,610 mm
Machine weight 19,600 kg

Fei Diya D128
Triaxial 1200x800mm

Technical data D128 D138 D148
X 2000 mm(78") 3000 mm(118") 4150 mm(163")
Y 1000 mm(39")
Z 800 mm(31")
X 22 m/min(866 ipm) 22 m/min(866 ipm) 22 m/min(866 ipm)
X Y 22 m/min(866 ipm)
  20 positions
  swarf conveyor
  suction system for graphite dust
  ViMill 3D simulator with Virtual Look Ahead

Clamping machine
Flip DXS-3020-400

Clamping Machine Model:DXS-3020-400

Press capacity 400T largest bay 2500mm
improving capability 100T Closed height 0mm
Carrying capacity 30T Removed from the 4000mm
Flip capacity 15T Ejection height 100mm
ability to top 3.5T Fast lifting speed >70mm/sec
Power electric shock 37kw Micro lifting speed <25mm/sec
Wax injection capacity 8000C.C Equilibrium rate of decline <12mm/sec
Table size 3000x2000mm